Business Support Measures Amidst Covid 19

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Businesses are heavily impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic and we would like to provide business support measures to companies during this critical period. Despite the end of Singapore’s circuit breaker, it is a tough process for business recovery. The Company isn’t just coworking space that provides a tangible workspace, our purpose is to help businesses grow together with our community. Therefore, we would like to support in all ways that we can.

We are currently going through the ‘New Normal‘ by working from home, having online meetings, social distancing measures and major events are either cancelled or converted to online webinars. Nevertheless, we still believe the importance of having an office. It’s more than just a space for you to work, it’s a space where you can be productive, your brand’s credibility, storing of your important documents and more.

Meanwhile, the team at The Company would like to continue with business support measures. Here’s how we can help your business getting through this period:

The Company Singapore: Business Support Measures - Business Relief Package

We are providing relief packages for businesses that’s interested to be part of our community. We would like to create a personalised plan that’s suitable for you.

Types of Plans:

  • Free First Month Rental For 12 months contract
  • No Contract Plan (Monthly renewable)
  • Virtual Office Plan

From personal offices, to meeting rooms or work stations, we’re a coworking space providing office space solutions that’s flexible and customisable . Let us know your concerns and we’ll be glad to work something out for you.

The Company Singapore: Business Support Measures - Video Meetings

Events are converting to webinars while having face-to-face meetings are highly discouraged. The reason is to prevent any re-emerging Covid19 cases when being in crowded places or meeting interacting with new people daily.

Therefore, video meetings and conferences are the go-to solution at the moment. However, hosting them at home may be disruptive. At The Company, we have different types of rooms available where you can host conducive video meetings or webinars in a professional environment.

The Company Singapore: Business Support Measures - Mail Handling

A registered business address where we manage your mails by receiving them and give you mail alerts. During this period, there are some businesses that will be continuing to work from home. You can have the option to collect your mails at the office or forward the mails to your preferred address (charges may vary according to weight).

The Company Singapore: Business Support Measures - Safety Measure Managment

Most importantly, we’d like to ensure a safe environment for everyone. We manage the safety measures for you and your visitors so you can work at ease:

  • Daily temperature checks
  • Daily sanitisation of workplace
  • SafeEntry check-in
  • Complying with social distancing measures of 1 metre apart

The Company Singapore: Business Support Measures - Cost Effective

Not forgetting that we are also cost effective by providing you the all the mentioned support and services. The Company Coworking Space is definitely a one-stop solution for all your office concerns.

Talk to us, tell us about your requirements, your budget and your concerns. We’re here to ensure a smooth sailing journey for your business needs.

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