Dated: 8th May 2019

Have you ever been to an office where the furniture doesn’t go well together, the blinds look like its been there since 1970 and the carpet is where it’s not supposed to be? If you have, how do you feel about it? Well, we’re here to explain why it’s important to have a nice office interior.

1. Motivated employees

Your employees are your internal customers and they’re the reason why your business is up and running. Thus, its important for your employees to be happy at work. Having a nice office has a huge impact on your work environment. Create a space where your employees can interact, like having a small breakout area, meeting room and pantry. Employees will be motivated to work when they’re in a space that’s welcoming and accommodating.

An idea of a simple breakout area for employees to interact

Source: Homewowdecor

2. First impressions count

Don’t judge a book by its cover. We all know that this quote isn’t true. It’s a fact that we will always be judged by our appearance and this applies to offices too. Also, according to some research, it takes only 10 seconds to create an impression. Your office is the temple of your business as it describes your credibility. Thus, it creates an impression for your potential clients to see whether your business is competent, trustworthy and professional. As simple as having a plant on your desk or hang an artwork on your wall, you can achieve a sophisticated office look.

A minimalistic design with artwork and plants

Source: Etsy

3. Your second home

Based on Ministry of Manpower’s survey, do you know that Singaporean employees worked an average of 43.0 hours per week as of June 2018? This shows how much time is spent in the office. Your office is your second home. It’s important to keep your space comfortable as you spend most of your time in it. Keep it clean, tidy and organised to be efficient and productive. 

Simple desk organizer to keep your desk neat and tidy.Source: Delias Photos