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Are individuals resorting to coworking spaces during covid-19?

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Singapore is battling the outbreak of COVID-19 as this virus has made a great impact in the economy. While most companies are allowing employees to work from home, the coworking industry, however, remains firm and still operates according to usual hours.

During this crisis, most individuals resort to coworking spaces for a conducive space to work, conduct video conferences or host important meetings.

So why are more people resorting to coworking spaces?


Coworking spaces offers flexible plans that’s customisable to your requirements. As the Government of Singapore strongly promotes the avoidance of face-to-face interaction, coworking spaces provide services that benefit companies during this crucial period, such as, virtual address for mail handling, meeting rooms and private spaces to work. Additionally, a long-term commitment isn’t necessary. Depending on the type of service, membership plans can be as short as daily basis. However, please check with your coworking operator for membership cancellations.


Even though we appreciate the work from home initiative, home is not the best place to get your work done. You may be less inspired as you’re situated in a comfortable, homely setting. Coworking spaces are built and designed for a conducive work environment. Proper work stations are assured, controlled noise level and surrounded with like-minded people. Thus, these factors cultivate motivation and have the right mentality for work.


It is a plug and play system where work stations are ready for use and enable you to work instantly. Aside from a fully furnished space, there’s also access to high speed internet, phone booths and unlimited coffee and tea. You can get day passes at The Company for only $19 per day (before gst).


Coworking spaces are also taking extra precautions. Implementation of safety measures by taking temperatures before entering the premises, providing hand sanitisers and disinfecting the space more regularly, especially the common areas. At The Company, the health and well-being of our community is our top priority. We’d like to assure you’re in a safe space, so you can work at ease. Additionally, the Government of Singapore is also taking actions seriously and doing their part to ensure the well being of citizens.

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