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A Concise Guide to Find an Event Venue in Singapore

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Everyone loves a great and well-organized event. The food, the people, the ambience, and the music – what’s not to love? But what most people don’t see is the work and effort it takes to pull it all together. It takes more than just combining a couple of tables together and inviting people to plan an event. However, in order to plan a successful one, the first step in the planning process is to find an event venue perfect for you. Remember – the role of a venue is more impactful than you think.

Here’s a concise guide, where we walk you through how to find an event venue in Singapore!

Step 1: Establish Your Goals

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Holding an immersive workshop or class? Hosting an intimate dinner gathering? Organizing a networking event with cocktails? No matter what the occasion is, it’s best to know what you want to achieve through your event before proceeding to the planning phase. This acts as the basis of your event and will help you to find an event venue best align with your goals.

Step 2: Plan Your Budget

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For most events, the bulk of your budget will actually go into booking the venue itself more than anything else. Make sure to do your research by comparing venue prices to find the space that works best for your budget. Always have a contingency plan for last-minute purchases or a pool of reserves as an emergency fund – the last thing you want is to go low on funds during a time of crisis!

One of the more affordable venues includes Casa Gessi, a Victorian-style Manor located along Penang Road with rates that start as low as $1500; as well as The Moon, a cosy event space located in the heart of Chinatown that starts from $400.

Step 3: Determine How Many People You’re Expecting

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Whether it’s 10 or 100 people, knowing the number of attendees is crucial when booking any event space. Some spaces may be too small to accommodate the number of guests while others may be too big, which may cause difficulties when managing your crowd. Failure to consider the size of the venue and its capacity can cause a total disaster. Most, if not all venue owners would require you to confirm the number of attendees before booking the space. Therefore, always ensure that you at least have an estimated number of guests that you are expecting.

Step 4: Find Out the Ambience or Look You’re Going For

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The concept of your function should always match the ambience of your event space. When doing a site recee, look out for the architecture and existing decor in the venue. If it matches the desired feel of your event, this would mean that less decoration is required, which means saving time and money from your pocket.

Step 5: Take Accessibility Into Account

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While this step is often overlooked, the location of your venue is actually one of the most important factors to consider when organizing an event. If you find an event venue with all the amenities you’re looking for but it’s situated at a place extremely inaccessible to your guests, chances are they’re going to be flustered and stressed out even before arriving at the party. You want to make the journey for your attendees as easy and breezy as possible. Look into venues in the central area like HUONE in Clarke Quay, or perhaps The Screening Room located in Chinatown Complex.

Step 6: Explore Your Options and Resources

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It’s only after you’ve established the first five steps where you can finally proceed to find an event venue. Whether that’s directly contacting a location you’ve been eyeing for the past few months, or booking through event venue marketplaces, there’s a wide array of resources available for your planning needs. Thanks to the number of online venue booking platforms available, they have made it easier to make reservations with just one click.

It’s no lie that planning an event can be a tedious process, let alone finding the right space. Despite this, laying the groundwork and then finding the right venue can actually be an enjoyable experience! From the site recees to food tastings, you’re in for a ton of fun. Just follow this elaborate guide and you’ll surely find the ideal space for your function. Remember, choosing the right venue can make or break your event – so choose wisely!

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