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10 Benefits of Coworking Spaces That May Be Unaware of

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What started as an unfamiliar concept just 10 years ago has now been transforming the way that people work worldwide.

Coworking spaces have now become a mainstay for many freelancers, start-ups, SMEs and large businesses alike – where individuals come together in a shared space to interact, innovate, and work on important projects.

Why Are There More Coworking Spaces in Singapore?

The driving force behind the growth of coworking spaces is simple: the changes in how people want to work and where they want to work.

The increase of such flexibilities in work-related matters is one of the benefits of coworking spaces which will be elaborated more in this article.

Currently, the Asia Pacific region accounts for roughly 35% of all co-working spaces. In Singapore specifically, there are currently over 200 flexible workspaces and roughly 100 different operators as of 2019.

As Singapore begins rolling out phase 2 where shopping malls and gyms are set to reopen – those who can work from home are highly advised to continue doing so.

The rise of co-working spaces are no mere coincidence – and it is likely to become the norm for many of us even long after the pandemic is over.

Still on the fence? Here are 10 benefits of coworking spaces that will change the way you work for good!

  1. Flexibility


    Choosing where you want to work and when you want to work is one of the biggest benefits of coworking spaces that you can ask for.

    We all have different times of the day where motivation and productivity are highest, and co-working spaces allow us to leverage on that.

    In a 2019 study done by Buffer, professionals working in co-working spaces report that the biggest benefit of working remotely is having a flexible schedule!

    At The Company, you get to choose a plan that suits your working style – starting with flex desk plans that are perfect for individuals, to private compact booths and serviced offices – many smaller businesses will benefit from the ease of scaling up their business as they continue to grow!

    This means being able to fit in your morning workout sessions, mid-day catch-up sessions with friends, and working till the wee hours of the night (only if you wish to).

  2. Build Connections

    build connections

    Coworking spaces are packed full of professionals and freelancers from multiple industries and all walks of life.

    If you want to be able to meet new people and organically grow your connections, co-working spaces are the place to be!

    Whether you are looking for new leads, sourcing out potential employees, or simply wish to share a new business idea with someone – coworking spaces are the real-life LinkedIn – putting you right in the middle of exciting opportunities that you will never otherwise get in a traditional office.

    Even if you are someone who doesn’t normally partake in networking – this is a great chance to start!

  3. Breaks Up Monotony

    breaks up monotony

    Working from home or in a traditional office can quickly become dreary as the days go by.

    You might find yourself struggling to stay focused while at home, but that can easily change when you have a separate space to get you in the right headspace and away from any distractions.

    Sometimes, a break in monotony is all we need to gain fresh insights or find creative solutions to our problems and do great work.

    Offering a good change of pace to our daily routines, the variety you get from working at a coworking space promises you will never have a dull day!

  4. Creativity


    Working in the same space every day can also stifle creativity and create mental blocks, but this simply means switching up where you choose to sit when you work at a coworking space!

    With different pockets of spaces for you to refresh your mind and gain some inspiration, coworking spaces are designed to foster creativity and innovation with its colourful and vibrant interior as well as the infectious environment!

    You never quite know who you might meet that day, but you can be sure to come across interesting individuals that can inspire you to tap into your creativity, and will be more than happy to provide you with valuable ideas and feedback.

    Networks are perhaps one of the best benefits of coworking spaces that can help you get ahead in life.

    So, don’t be afraid to share your ideas!

  5. Support


    Compared to renting a full-fledged office for your team, coworking spaces do not come with any additional overhead costs or logistics that you have to consider when trying to grow your business.

    This is why our spaces come fully-equipped with amenities such as hi-speed Wifi, a pantry and in-house cafe, meeting rooms, exclusive membership perks, and even an app to support and motivate your team 24/7!

    It’s safe to say that the benefits of coworking spaces are definitely worth the investment.

  6. A Sense of Community

    a sense of community

    It can be lonely and isolating when you work remotely, but surrounding yourself with like-minded people working towards the same goals can help to make you feel less disconnected.

    One of the benefits of coworking spaces is that it can help you to find your community – being around great minds not only gives you an extra boost of motivation, but also an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals.

    Having a community to turn to not just physically but emotionally can also be a form of accountability to kickstart that new project you have always wanted to start!

    And it isn’t just solely business connections we are talking about, but real connections with people that go beyond just colleagues.

  7. Productivity


    A major misconception about coworking spaces is that it can be distracting to be in such a stimulating environment where so many things are happening at the same time.

    However, the truth is this: coworking spaces are strategically optimized for productivity where everything from the background music, furniture, and décor has been well-thought-out to support you and your goals.

    If you are feeling extra distracted on a particular day – know that you will have the option to sit at a quieter spot to work on your to-do list and get yourself in the “zone”!

  8. Balance


    Being able to fully take control of your work life can be extremely comforting, especially since work-life balance has become a priority for many individuals in the workforce today.

    About 76% of employees report seeking jobs with more flexibility due to work-life balance.

    Many of us have hobbies and side projects that we want to work on outside of work, and having an environment that supports that is essential to our overall happiness!

    Many of us have hobbies and side projects that we want to work on outside of work, and having an environment that supports that is essential to our overall happiness!

    At The Company, all our members get to enjoy exclusive perks such as magazine subscription packages, hotel corporate rates, savings on fitness products and services, and even discounts at selected restaurants and bars!

    Because it is also situated in the prime area of the city, you can be assured that you will never be short of things to eat and do!

  9. Gain New Perspectives

    gain new perspectives

    There are many benefits of coworking spaces, but this one is hardly talked about.

    Working in a different environment is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to new people, ideas, and perspectives.

    You will be pleasantly surprised how this fuels your innovation and creativity – whether it’s becoming more confident talking to people, openly sharing your ideas and opinions, and meet accomplished professionals in different fields – this will all add to your personal growth and success as an individual!

  10. Awesome Coffee!

    awesome coffee

    If you need to have your daily cuppa before starting your day – you will be excited to know that coworking spaces provide coffee to fuel up your mornings and meetings.

    Not to boast, but our in-house café, Kurasu Coffee serves some pretty good coffee from roasters all across Japan! (Have we mentioned that all members enjoy $1 off a cappuccino and latte?)

    Combine that with a great location and you got yourself the perfect place to host or coordinate your meetings and gather your dream team to brainstorm and collaborate.


The benefits of coworking spaces are endless – and the ones we mentioned are really just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s hard to deny that coworking spaces are the perfect mix between a traditional office and working from home or a café.

However, it is still important to choose the right coworking space that can support you and your goals as well as fits your unique working style.

Supercharge Your Workspace at The Company

At The Company, our space is thoughtfully designed for the tech and start-up community to connect and collaborate.

With flex desks, private offices, 24/7 access, meetings rooms, printer, and hi-speed Wifi – our plans start from just $250 every month!

Nestled right in the hustle and bustle of City Hall, we got everything you need to be covered – all you have to do is turn up, work hard, and have fun!

Contact us to book an appointment to view our amazing space today!

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