Join us for this happy hour session at Loof and get to know our community better! We would like to keep connecting our community to grow our network together!

The Company is a co-working space where we plug you into a network of professionals, help you increase your business opportunities, and expand your market. This fresh approach to work lets us connect, create, and not merely survive but live and thrive! Based in Japan, we have also expanded in other countries like Cebu, Bangkok, Singapore and Hawaii.

Attendance is by registration only. Please register here so that we can make arrangements accordingly.
About Loof (in their own words)

Singapore’s best rooftop bar, Loof, serves up whimsy, nostalgia and unbridled playfulness in an urban garden atop Odeon Towers in downtown CBD. A space that celebrates and epitomises local culture, Loof was named as a play on the way Singaporeans pronounce ‘roof’, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idiosyncrasies of local diction and culture. At Loof, you can enjoy a medley of carefully crafted Southeast Asian inspired cocktails and indulge in bar snacks with a local twist.

This is a self-paid event.