Elevate Education Parent Forum 2020 | Growth Mindsets, Resilience, and Grit

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What is it?

Elevate Education’s first Parent Forum in Singapore brings together expert knowledge and advice on the neuroscience of peak student motivation, performance, and mindset throughout learning and life.

You and close to 50 other parents will learn about the research behind neuropsychology and peak performance. But it won’t be filled with jargon and theory. Instead, you will take away key strategies to help your child develop a growth mindset and develop resilience in their academic journey.

Elevate Education Parent Forum 2020: Growth Mindsets, Resilience, and Grit

Date: Wednesday 4th March
Time: 7:00– 9:00 pm
Location: The Company Singapore – Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Rd, 188720
View the full event and register here: https://tinyurl.com/elevateparentforum

Why come?

Let’s be frank – motivating your child is no easy business.
We’ve recently spoken to several Elevate clients and hundreds of parents from international schools including Dulwich College Singapore, Australian International School, Tanglin Trust School and they’ve all said the same thing – “No matter how hard I try, I can’t motivate my student – they just won’t listen to me.” This inevitably leads to frustration as a parent – you see wasted time or opportunities that could have been life-changing for your child’s success. However, your child fails to see them.

Many of these parents we’ve spoken to are now coming to Elevate’s Parent Forum and we’re excited to give you and these other parents insights to help your children. At the parent seminar you attended, you learned about how clear goals drive motivation which drives hard work—so come along and find out more to achieve this!

Do good!

Tickets are $10 each, and all proceeds from the forum will be going to a local charity that serves low-income and disadvantaged youths and their families to help them be impactful members of society.

*Upon registration, attendees will be asked to declare their travel history given the current Covid-2019 situation. Temperature-taking will also take place at the door to ensure safety of attendees and staff.

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