Community Story: A Chat With Kazuyuki Okuhata

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Kazuyuki Okuhata

CEO, Co-Founder of huubap

Kazuyuki-san is the co-founder of huubap since 2015. Together with his partner, Mitsuru Ijizumi, they have successfully created Japan’s leading cloud-based Time Attendance software. Overtime, they have built a team upon trust, teamwork and passionate about their craft.

In June 2019, Kazuyuki-san joined our community and he shared the story behind huubap and also his thoughts being at The Company.

Huubap’s background

Founded & established in Singapore in 2015 by the Co-founders of King of Time (KOT) under Human Technologies Inc. King of Time (KOT) holds the No.1 market share in Japan with over 17,000 companies & 1,400,000 users as of SEP 2019. huubap Pte Ltd is the representative office for King of Time’s (KOT) International Customers. With Globalisation in mind & aiming to achieve the No.1 market share in the ASEAN Region.

The Company: Why is it important to have a Human resource management system for HR staff and the employees?

Kazuyuki: In today’s business world, there is no lack of data. In fact, it has became an overload and the use of HR software can lead to higher efficiency by turning high loads of data into useful information.

By having a human resource management system, we are able to simplify time attendance, payroll, scheduling, leave and off in-lieu requests. Your staff will be relieved of all these workloads and focus on the part that matters; human interaction. HR members will have the wealth of time to better focus on recruitment and shifting focus on picking quality candidates from a huge pool by meeting them face to face instead of sifting through paperwork and documents; the friction in business.

As part of a core component of HR system, our time attendance management module helps to accurately track and monitor the hours logged by the employee. For the employees, this meant that there is no dispute for work hours for their payments. For employers, they can prevent time theft and also prevent any potential disagreements. Absenteeism problem may not easily be detected in a big organisation and having a system would definitely put an end to it. For the em

We also have a scheduling system which is a natural priority for F&B and retail operations. With simple and straightforward user experience, this would shave many hours of previously painful process. Staff are also able to witness and changes live with a cloud system. No longer will operations be tied down by inconsistent data by printing out papers and finding a replacement a huge bother.

Lastly, a leave system that is simple, nimble and transparent. With an HR management system, the employees can easily monitor and apply for leave. If they were to have multiple levels of approval, they can actually know at which manager it is actually pending at. No longer will they have to make multiple communication channels with the HR and manager to find out whether the approval has been finalised! This saves time and mental capacity for their work at hand.

The Company: What are Huubap’s advantages?

Kazuyuki: The undisputed advantage of Huubap over the other firms in the field is that we have strong customizability on our system. On top of that, we are the only firm that does full-customization during the trial period and maintains an open channel for customers to make adjustments.

To top that off, we have the lowest set-up cost and subscription cost in the market right now.

The Company: What kind of challenges do you face and how do you face them?

Kazuyuki: We have the number 1 spot in Japan for our HRMS but have no presence elsewhere. We took our time to study and learn what are the differences between the international market that are different.

Penetration into the local market has been progressive but gradual, we hope to hasten things up a little.

We are experimenting and testing marketing techniques that would grant us exposure and locate people in the international market that require our services! We hope that we can work with more people to simplify their HR workflow!

The Company: Why did you choose The Company?

Kazuyuki: Situated in City Hall, The Company has a good location where it is nearby public transits and eateries. The facilities, utilities and services are already included in the package. Even the staffs are friendly and helpful. It is a good environment to be in for work as most coworking spaces are noisy.

The Company: Which factor is the most important in a coworking environment?

Kazuyuki: Creating a conducive environment is essential for a coworking space. I find most coworking spaces are noisy whereas The Company has the option for me to work in a quiet space called the Focus Zone. The Company has a versatile work environment; cafe area, lounge or the quiet zone. Personally, I need to work in a space that’s not noisy, so I can focus better and be efficient.

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