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Community Story: A Chat with Celia Wong

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Celia Wong

Design & Innovation Consultant


Celia Wong is an independent Design & Innovation Integrator that runs her own consultancy, Acumiq. She is an 18-year-old industrial design and development veteran and founded Acumiq to help integrate business strategies and creative integrity, optimising design effectiveness, navigating with design analysis in consumer perceptions and brand attributes.
Celia has been with the community since 2017! If you are curious to know why, keep reading as she shares her story and the challenges she faced behind Acumiq.

Acumiq’s Background

Acumiq decodes design’s subjectivity into perceptive values, to pin relevance in experience journey. Collaborating with other experts, Celia integrates business strategies and design integrity, to optimise effectiveness in branding, industrial design, materials & finishing and packaging solutions.

The Company: Why did you start Acumiq?

Celia: I would like to provide such content to more companies that would like to engage in design analysis in the market in different industries instead of focusing on one in house company. There are therefore more opportunities to spread the value of design. I’m also a part-time lecturer in NUS, it’s also another opportunity to share my experiences with designers-to be.

The Company: Why did you choose to run your own consultancy instead of working for bigger firms?

Celia: I want to be more independent. I would like to try and see if I could detach myself from the expected predictable income system. This also means that I can learn to be more resourceful of finding my sources of revenues and projects while having the vast opportunities to collaborate with other businesses. Running my own consultancy allows me to have the flexibility with my working hours, (which I enjoy) and that’s what keeps me going.

The Company: How do you reach out to your clients?

Celia: My services are often referred by word of mouth. They are mainly my ex-colleagues who have moved on to other companies, knowing my competency and value in design strategies and they are usually repeated clients.

The Company: Which factor is most important in a coworking environment?

Celia: First and foremost, it is the location. I spend so much time working that it is critical to have a healthy lifestyle which needs easy access to different activities including social events and fitness regimes. Second, the community. Aside from tech companies, it is good to get to know different business profiles. The Company has a good mix of different industries, not skewed to tech companies.

The Company: Why did you choose The Company?

Celia: The vibe. The Company has a comfortable ambience with the balance of both corporate and casual. Some coworking spaces are too rigid that they only focus on business facilities. I also like that there’s a 24/7 access door where you can easily access to the facilities at anytime of the day. I was surprised how in other Co working spaces, there can be less access on weekends to pantry or meeting rooms.

The Company: What’s the biggest challenge you came across?

Celia: I don’t have a team to work with as an independent consultant. I overcome this challenge by collaborating with other designers and experts to work on projects together. It’s not about the efforts measured, but the mutual expectations in our delivery. I promise not just the content, but trusted partnership in the journey end to end. This also requires building and maintaining collaborations with trusted experts with whom I am always excited to work with.

The Company: What are your tips and advise for those who want to start their own business?

Celia: You never know what’s going to happen in the future. Even by having secured income, that doesn’t mean you won’t lose it. Starting your own business doesn’t necessary mean there is less comfort. You have to believe it can happen. Don’t be calculating, keep attracting (not much of selling) & be open to various possibilities.

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