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A Feedback by James Wong from Elementum

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About Elementum

Elementum is the software-as-a-service company behind the first cloud-native supply chain orchestration platform. In today’s world, instant gratification trumps brand loyalty. To survive, brands must connect across their extended ecosystem so they can operate in real-time and deliver at the speed of customer demand. By digitally mapping the $25T product economy, Elementum’s platform sheds light on the flow of goods around the world, and facilitates cross-ecosystem execution to ensure that products are available at the right time, place, quantity, and cost.

Why did  you choose The Company?

We choose The Company due to its central location given that we have customers in various parts of Singapore which saves us time to travel when we are visiting, and also it makes our global colleagues easier to visit us at a convenient location. I am also impressed by the ease of using the facilities, and the values the management provides.

Which factor is the most important in a coworking environment?

I can say that the friendliness of the community, and at the same time having good security are the key considerations in a coworking environment as we are together with strangers, yet at the same time having a bond in a community.

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